Santos Printing S.L latest authorised Master Pelikan Brand Distributor

Santos Printing S.L has signed contracts to become the Master Pelikan Distributor for Hard copy products for the territory of Spain and Portugal.

Santos Printing joins DataDirect in the UK, IR Riprografia in Italy, NewCo SAS in France, and others who are in the contract process to cover more territories in, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and South America.

Ricard Santos at Santos Printing S.L said, “one of the key factors in making this decision for the long term, was the innovation of new important products that create unique features and benefits for my customers. These innovations come from continual research and development that result in patented technologies that simply tick all the boxes. ‘No Waste’ cartridge designs, means all the toner in the cartridge gets used on the printed page, unlike typical original and after-market cartridges that can still have 15 per cent of the toner in the cartridge when replaced, that on its own reduces the CO2 footprint and that’s what we all want. But, in addition, these new technologies allow for cartridges to have extended yields and work perfectly throughout the life cycle because there is no waste toner to deal with. Imagine a 1k standard original cartridge now being able to do 9k thanks to new technology. No risk of waste hoppers overflowing as you see in jumbo cartridges which are just overfilled with toner and fingers crossed, you hope no print defects. This is cutting edge patented technology, reducing the CO2 footprint to 1/9th of the equivalent OEM footprint. The cost per page comes crashing down and the cost of shipping those eight other cartridges to the contract machine disappears completely. It’s a game-changer with a brand that is 184 years old this year and which our customers can trust implicitly. Innovation is the key and the Pelikan Brand delivers unlike any other. I’m excited by these products and our future now.”

Steve Weedon, Pelikan CEO added, “the Pelikan branded hard copy products distribution strategy has had to change to adapt to industry changes and, also, the full impact of COVID-19 on office-based print demand. Moving away from a direct distribution model to a Master Distribution model enables Pelikan branded stock to be held in all strategic markets to serve local business needs on a global scale. Our progress made since early 2021 now means we have a strong family of Master Distributors able to serve our customers across UK and Europe, with Santos Printing being the latest to join the family. Ricard, has had a long association with the Pelikan brand and understands its brand value and market position, so we are delighted that he comes on board under our Master Distributor program for Spain and Portugal.”

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