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The Business Performance Group

The BP Group provides clients with the tools, services & techniques required to identify opportunities & generate prospect interest. Our telemarketing team specialise in making appointments from professionally sourced databases that meet your demographics, ensuring that you're selling your product or service to the correct decision makers.
In the UK, the BP Group has successfully created a unique business model for the industry, providing outsourced business development services and sales development strategies to the trade. The BP Group focuses on finding more opportunities for their clients, creating an effective pipeline of prospects, and converting these prospects into customers through the creation and execution of successful sales and marketing plans.
Luke Chapman founded The Business Performance Group in April 2009 after realising that there was a real opportunity for a focused, niche business helping clients achieve their objectives. The BP Group's creative marketing delivers your business message for effectively attracting, retaining & growing customers. Combined with the market strategy we provide, your business can concentrate on core activities while we support you in identifying opportunities, increasing sales & achieving a competitive advantage.

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