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DigiCert 2022 security predictions
As our year winds to a close, many of the uncertainties that shaped 2021 remain. The cybersecurity challenges that accompanied the pandemic have persisted, as hybrid remote workspaces have become a way of life. And through it all, the threat landscape continues to evolve, as innovations in cloud computing and other arenas open new threats — some in unexpected areas. 
Big firms urged to help their small suppliers reach net-zero
Small Business Commissioner Liz Barclay is urging the UK’s big businesses to help their smaller suppliers begin the transition to lower-carbon ways of working and reap a dual benefit.
1/3 SMB employees use personal devices with no work security controls
New research from Avast has found that employees in almost a third (31%) of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the UK are connecting to the corporate network using personal devices that do not have any security controls in place, according to IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) within SMBs.
10 ways to make your office environmentally friendly
With COP26 currently taking place in Glasgow there have been major steps to push environmental issues up on the global agenda. Recycling and waste management experts at reveal ways to make your office better for the environment and to help your employees implement them into their working habits every day.
UK manufacturers are feeling the cybersecurity heat
The UK’s manufacturing sector has been severely tested by cybersecurity attacks since the start of the pandemic, according to new research by Keeper Security. In fact, the 2021 Cybersecurity Census Report found the average manufacturing company experienced 30 cyberattacks during the past year alone, with 85 per cent expecting that figure to increase over the coming 12 months.
SMBs the future of the new normal
Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, representing 99 per cent of businesses and employing over 16 million people. Fast-growing and innovative, they help to drive long-term economic productivity and growth. It is therefore vital that SMBs are equipped with essential digital tools and technical support. Rob Hancock, Head of Platform, Giacom explains why SMBs are the future of the new normal and what the channel can do to enable and equip this growing sector more effectively.
How MSPs remain competitive in an increasingly disparate market
There is no denying that MSPs are operating in a highly competitive marketplace. On one side of the market there are emerging and high-growth MSPs, and on the other side are much larger, ‘super’ MSPs. While this provides end customers with more choice and the freedom to choose their solution based on the level of support they need, for MSPs, this competition can sometimes be a threat to business growth. This is according to David Weeks, Senior Director, Partner Experience, N-able.
How channel partners can help spearhead the sustainability charge
Organisations have been slow to adopt and integrate meaningful sustainability practices. But as pressure from consumers increases, Christina Klein, Head of Global Solution Partners at Lansweeper explains why organisations are recognising the importance of sustainability to their operations and prioritising it as a key business initiative. 

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