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1/5 SME owners battling depression amid cost-of-living crisis
Following a tumultuous two years of lockdowns, restrictions, and uncertainty, new research has revealed that the challenges facing owners today are proving no less difficult to navigate for small business owners. Amid the cost-of-living crisis, many describe how their mental health has worsened with a fifth (20%) reporting battling depression.
Cost-of-living crisis impact on eCommerce businesses
The current cost of living crisis is having a global impact and consumers are feeling the pinch of the highest prices they've seen in a generation, with energy bills soaring, food costs rising, and mortgage interest rates reaching 15-year highs.
How to safeguard against royal ransomware increase
Royal ransomware entered the stage in 2022 and quickly became a nuisance for cyber analysts. Logpoint's research team has investigated the ransomware to uncover how analysts can detect and respond to the developing threat.
How will channel partnerships of the future be measured?
For many years, determining the success or failure of channel partnerships has all boiled down to a single benchmark: profit. However, the landscape is beginning to change. Today’s businesses are broadening their definition of what makes a great channel partner, pursuing collaborators that offer more than just a boosted bottom line. This is according to Richard Eglon, Chief Marketing Officer at Agilitas.
Konica Minolta predicts digital workplace trends for 2023
Konica Minolta has identified five key trends for 2023 that will influence and define the digital workplace. Both workplaces and working practices have been transformed because of the pandemic, however, now with a cost-of-living-crisis, high inflation, a climate emergency, and the ongoing ramifications of the war in Ukraine, UK businesses cannot afford to stay still.
Logpoint 2023 predictions: The year of the business driven CISO
Logpoint has released its predictions for 2023, foreseeing that CISOs will face daunting challenges amidst global economic uncertainty and comprehensive new cybersecurity legislation focusing more on businesses’ cybersecurity practices. According to Logpoint CTO Christian Have, cybersecurity now has the attention of the C-suite, but CISOs need to up their game.
Company directors urged to act now to avoid insolvencies
Insolvency figures released this week for November 2022 by the Government’s Insolvency Service show that the number of registered company insolvencies in November 2022 was 2,029. This is 21 per cent higher than in the same month in the previous year (1,676 in November 2021), and 35 per cent higher than the number registered three years previously (pre-pandemic; 1,505 in November 2019).
New contact centre business opportunities for digital service software providers
In 2020-21, contact centres felt the pressure of customer demand and had to step up to the plate or lose customers through poor service. As a result, demand for advanced contact centre software deployments will remain far beyond the pandemic rush. This is creating opportunities for vendors, developers, and their partner ecosystem to innovate, add value and refine digital offerings to ensure organisations of all sizes can push their CX strategies to new heights.

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