Hybrid Working
Remote working has unlocked tech-led growth
British businesses have used the disruption brought about by enforced remote working to invest in new digital technologies which have led to greater commercial growth.
HP introduces devices for blended learning environments
HP Inc has introduced HP Fortis laptops, a new portfolio of PCs built to withstand the rigours of education environments.
The innovation powering our hybrid workplaces in 2022
With hybrid working looking like it’s here to stay, the transformation of the workplace has meant more businesses relying on both new and existing technology to keep their employees connected, engaged, and motivated. Unified communications platforms have become integral to most employees’ day to day lives as they work from disparate home offices. Unified communications platforms are continuing to evolve and develop their services to support all types of businesses.
Sharp UK new products help offices adapt to the new normal
Sharp UK has launched a range of new technology solutions designed to support the safety of employees upon their return to the office. The new solutions include an updated Optimised Visitor Management system; the Communicate and Collaborate furniture range; and the Plasmacluster Air Purifier.
2022 to focus on reshoring, the gig economy, and flexible working
The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted typical working habits in 2020 and 2021, and there is much speculation about how things are going to settle down moving forward.
VIPRE highlights need to invest in a human firewall
VIPRE, a provider of security solutions, has released a whitepaper that explores the reasons why organisations should be investing more into their human firewall when it comes to data breaches and protection.
The future of work in 2022
Concerns among IT decision-makers around the future of work have been revealed by research from technology solutions provider CDW that highlights the importance for CIOs to plan for 2022 to alleviate the potential stress points of hybrid working.
Hybrid working preferred by two-thirds of Brits
Two-thirds (66%) of those who currently work at home say they prefer this to a full-time in-person office work model and a quarter (25%) will look for a new job if forced back into the office. RingCentral is urging leaders to ensure their teams have the tools and resources they need to maintain a flexible, hybrid approach to work.

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