How to create a positive company culture for a happier workforce
The past two years have been challenging for businesses across the world, particularly when it comes to maintaining a positive company culture and keeping workforces connected. With all of this in mind, the need to keep employees happy, engaged, and motivated is more critical than ever.
Konica Minolta highlights the unstoppable rise in inkjet production
The unstoppable rise in inkjet production has been spotlighted by Konica Minolta as it continues to help customers with their digital transformation across commercial and industrial printing markets. Digital technology enables access to many features that customers in the commercial print, packaging, and industrial sectors seek for profitable applications.
Face-to-face communication crucial in modern B2B sales process
Businesses now communicate with customers and prospects in new ways as technology has advanced. Today's sales reps use a variety of tools to accomplish their tasks, such as email, social media, and video chat tools among others. Therefore, traditional in-person sales meetings have become less common.
UK channel partners survey reveals challenges amongst growth
The Nuvias Group has shared findings from its UK research, revealing partners’ challenges and opportunities for 2022 and their pain points over the past year.
The cloud backup opportunity for MSPs
As organisations shift from using on-premise solutions to the cloud, many will not have considered that data, despite being located in the cloud, still needs to be backed up. The channel, therefore, needs to educate and support organisations as they develop and deploy their cloud strategies.
Securing infrastructure as code for cybersecurity efficiency
In the last 20 years, the infrastructure we all rely upon has evolved significantly. Organisations of all sizes have embraced digital transformation to create new business models and ecosystems, deliver new products and services, and operate more efficiently. Powering this is an explosion of new technologies, connected devices, and computing platforms. From IT to Cloud to IoT to OT, this complex computing landscape underpins our modern infrastructure.
Consumer behaviour had changed permanently, so businesses must adapt
The pandemic drove a stark shift in consumer behaviour, with the near-ubiquity of online leading to a popularity surge in a range of new customer service communications channels. According to TelcoSwitch, now is the time for businesses to overhaul their omnichannel capabilities, or risk being left behind. 
Enreach aims to eliminate confusion in communications
Business jargon phrases might seem to be an outdated and unfashionable concept, but new research from Enreach shows they are still very much part of the language of the workplace.

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