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          The Group has recently been formed to advise, mentor and aid existing and emerging entrants into the burgeoning European business supplies market place.

          Our combined experience levels cover virtually every aspect of business activity that any new or existing vendor wishing to enter or expand their UK/European business interests would need to achieve their strategic or tactical objectives. New entrants to the UK/European market clearly will require a different approach to those who already have some level of exposure in the market place: and Stadia have all the skills, experience, and professional awareness that can make value for money assessments to focus on the key development areas that will create hard hitting, dynamic growth prospects for their clients. An additional feature of Stadia Group's distinctive assets is the ability to provide the same experience and enthusiasm to assisting resellers too. Data management is a vital tool that is too often overcome by the administrative needs of even the most efficient dealers/resellers. However, with a key member of the Stadia team who has been at the cutting edge of data management for many years, we believe this is a vital service that is sometimes undervalued and yet can add valuable cash increases onto the bottom line.

          Clearly, any successful business development programme requires an initial review of the product/service offering that our potential clients wish to introduce, and Stadia's unique experience base will ensure that both prospective vendor and purchaser can have complete confidence that the supply chain, quality, pricing and market suitability will be fit for purpose. The ability to engage and negotiate at the highest levels in the UK reseller community is one of the key areas of expertise open to Stadia clients, with several clients' top-line sales and margins already reflecting this unique quality.

          The UK and European Business Supplies or Office Products Industry possibly seems to some to be just another B2B business activity, and many have found to their cost that this market is unlike any other. This is where the experience and professionalism of Stadia Group succeed where others fail. Stadia Group operates on several different levels within the European Business Supplies Industry. We offer support, consultancy and advice in the following areas:

          • Recruitment
          • Sales
          • Marketing
          • Distribution/Supply Chain Management
          • Electronic and Direct Mail Programmes
          • Global Sourcing-Office Products/Furniture
          • Product Data
          • Market Research

          Recruitment of key personnel is quite often a daunting process for many new entrants to the UK; quite often this vital function is arranged via recruitment agencies that have little or no knowledge of the business supplies market, are unaware of the skills and understanding that are required to achieve success, but are engaged because of flowery and sometimes expensive advertising that add to the cost, but do little to improve the results. With Stadia however, cost effective, positive results are assured. Or your money back! Clearly a service that is unequalled in the industry. How can this type of guarantee be made? Skill and insight borne from years of experience, and only acquired from long and sometimes exhausting meetings and interviews. A wide range of skills and familiarity with all the known requirements needed by key personnel is the essential ingredient to ensure success in this important task. Our prospective clients can do no better than refer their recruitment requirements into the capable hands of Stadia Group.

          Stadia Group are also targeting many of the new low cost manufacturers/producers from around the globe. Many of these budget priced consumables have unique features and benefits that UK/European resellers are unaware of, and with just a little tweaking of packaging, promotional material, product availability a new vibrant business can be developed that creates a winning plan for dealers and vendors alike. Add to this the huge growth and importance of the Internet together with social media and the route to market has to change for most players in the Industry. No longer can each function be viewed in isolation. Improved product data and marketing activity can hugely affect Internet Sales and will lead to substantial returns. Marketing activity must be integrated and targeted to be cost effective. Results need to be carefully analysed and campaigns adjusted. We will also advise on issues such as:

          • Market penetration
          • Product range development
          • Re-packaging existing propositions
          • Acquisitions
          • Tapping into you're hidden assets and many more

          For cost effective solutions Stadia Group offers a unique experience to prospective vendors/resellers to learn from our combined knowledge. And the Stadia Group website at www.stadiagroup.co.uk has some more detailed case study material, but prospective clients should make an initial approach via our national email address at stadiagroup@gmail.com for an immediate response.

          Stadia Group

          Stadia Group

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